Uterus Transplantation

Penn Medicine is currently recruiting patients for the Uterus TransplaNT for Uterine Factor InfertiLity (UNTIL) Trial. 


Uterine transplantation is a major breakthrough in the field of fertility. The goal of a uterus transplant is to enable women with uterine factor infertility to carry a child.  14 children have been born around the world to women who have undergone uterus transplantation.  A uterine transplant is not for everyone and your physician may recommend other forms of treatment before deciding a uterus transplant is right for you. There is an extensive selection process and patients may remain in the study for 5-10 years after the transplant and pregnancies.

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UNTIL in the news
Meet our Team

The UNTIL team is multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, and research investigators within University of Pennsylvania, including multiple divisions of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology as well as the Penn Transplant Institution.


Kathleen O'Neill, MD, MTR

Principal Investigator


Nawar Latif, MD



Lauren Schwartz, MD



Kristen Burton, MD



Jennifer Trofe-Clark

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist


Linda Wood, BSN, RN

Living Donor Nurse Coordinator


Kimberly Nicoll, RN, MPH


Dan Zhao, Rn, MNHP

Research Nurse Coordinator


Paige Porrett, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator


Eileen Wang, MD



Lindsay Sortor, PsyD



Deidre Sawinski, MD



Stephanie Veasey, CRNP

Post-transplant Nurse Practitioner


Senayish Addis

Social Worker


Autumn Fiester, PhD


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