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SCD Biomarker study

Sex hormones and inflammatory biomarkers in patients with sickle cell disease


This research is being conducted in order to characterize the effect of vaso-occlusive pain episodes on biomarkers and to explore potential differences between women and men. We are enrolling adult men and women with a diagnosis of sickle cell disease who receive pain management treatment at a Penn Medicine infusion center.

Participation in this study involves two visits: 1) at a Penn Medicine infusion center when you are receiving treatment for a sickle cell vaso-occlusive pain crisis, and 2) at an outpatient appointment when you are not experiencing a pain crisis, approximately 1 month after the first visit. We will collect blood samples and administer surveys at both visits.

Principal Investigator:
Andrea Roe, MD, MPH

Study Coordinator:
Susanna Ostrowski
(267) 785 - 8044

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