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A research study on sickle cell pain while using Nexplanon


The Women’s Health Clinical Research Center at Penn Medicine is currently recruiting participants with sickle cell disease for a paid study looking at whether participants experience any difference in their sickle cell pain while using a hormonal birth control implant as compared to when not using this birth control method. The implant, known as Nexplanon, is currently FDA approved, releases a small amount of hormone every day, and is the most effective form of hormonal contraception.

Participants in the study will have 4-5 in-person visits during the 9 months of the study, and can receive up to $530 for completing all parts of the study. Participants should be close enough to the Philadelphia area to attend in-person visits.

If this is something you may be interested in learning more about, please click here to fill out a survey to determine if you are eligible.

Principal Investigator:
Andrea H. Roe, MD, MPH

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