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Birth Control Ring Study

The Women's Health Clinical Research Center at University of Pennsylvania is currently recruiting healthy women who have regular periods for a research study of an investigational birth control ring. The study ring that will be used in this study is experimental and being developed as a possible new method of birth control. Currently there is only one approved vaginal ring available in the United States (called NuvaRing®).  A new NuvaRing® must be used each month.  The ring in this study can be used for approximately three months before it must be changed. If you agree to participate in the study, you will receive a new ring every 91 days for approximately 12 months.


The study will last approximately 15 months and will involve 7 office visits with a blood draw, physical exam and other tests. Participants need to be sexually active and be willing to use the study ring as their only method of birth control during their participation in the study. 

Participation in this study involves:

  • 7 visits to the study site and 9 study phone calls

  • physical and pelvic exams

  • blood and urine sampling

  • completion of a brief daily diary

  • use of an investigational birth control ring


Qualified participants:

  • women, ages 18-35 with regular menstrual cycles

  • will receive medical exams

  • may be compensated for time and travel


To complete the pre-screening survey for this study, click here or call 215.662.7727

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