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Estrogen Metabolites in Early Pregnancy

The Impact of Different Forms of Estrogen on The Risk of Pregnancy Complications


This research study is being conducted to study if different forms of estrogen during a frozen IVF cycle will change the risk of pregnancy complications. We will compare the pregnancy outcomes and levels of certain hormones, specifically estrogen metabolites, in the blood of patients who become pregnant on their own, following a fresh IVF cycle, or following a frozen embryo transfer cycle. Patients who are planning an IVF cycle or have an unassisted pregnancy will be invited to participate in the study. We will keep any leftover blood work (serum) at the time of the patient’s normal appointments. There are no extra procedures or extra tubes of blood that will be collected. Active participation will last through all the preparatory cycles taken to become pregnant and then the pregnancies will be followed until outcome.


Recruiting from clinical population only.


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Monica Mainigi, MD


Please contact The Women’s Health Clinical Research Center via phone at 215-662-7727 if you have any additional questions.

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