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Aspirin to Prevent Pregnancy Loss and Preeclampsia

Penn Medicine is conducting a study to see if a double low-dose of aspirin earlier in pregnancy can help reduce the risk of pregnancy loss and preeclampsia, compared to the current standard of care (81mg aspirin daily beginning at 12 weeks gestation until delivery). Eligible participants between the ages of 19-45, who are less than 7 weeks pregnant will be randomized into one of two groups:


  1. Double low-dose aspirin (162mg) daily, starting upon enrollment until delivery.

  2. Placebo pills daily, starting upon enrollment until 12 weeks gestation, then standard of care for low dose aspirin (81mg) daily, starting at 12 weeks gestation until delivery.


Participation in this study will consist of taking daily medication, an optional blood draw, completing questionnaires, and monthly check-ins over the phone.


If you are interested in seeing if you qualify for this study, click here or email


Principal Investigator

Kurt Barnhart MD, MSCE

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